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Hi guys. Long time no see.
Currently i'm busy with soundtrack for the game what guys and me are making together. It's turn-based space strategy game, and it will be free to play (if anyone even will play it (doubt that(whatever troll))). That means i'll upload some songs from the game soundtrack (still wip if you ask me) just to know your opinion.
Anyway, ty for your attention. Cya.

I made it back

2011-08-01 05:42:11 by KVPspb

Well, i made it back, and with demo of my new band. And now i'm a drummer, lol.


2010-06-22 18:03:48 by KVPspb

All pianos must die. Piano is evil.

Still better than never.

2010-06-13 10:39:58 by KVPspb

Wasn't here for long time and, well, i have my reasons. Now i'm temporarly back and, in case you didn't notice, new music coming up soon enough.
Cheers&Have fun.

I'm alive!

2009-10-26 15:53:34 by KVPspb

After a long, like a half-year, absense i'm back. Don't know for how long, i'm very busy trying to stay in uneversity, u know. Some people told me, what i'm zombie, lol. So, to answer this - i didn't die and i'm not zombie :)
Few submissions will be here in no time, that's for sure. Some new tracks from Revenant album.
Stay tuned and cheers.


2009-07-14 07:34:41 by KVPspb

It's a late first post, but it's better then no first post at all.
And now to subject. I'm currently making a new songpack, it called Revenant. It's allready 3rd songpack from me and i think my skills a lot better now. Demo song from it can be found in my submissions for today, it's called backside.
Release date is... well... Asap. I'm working on it.
Also, there are some songs from my 1st and 2nd songpacks in my submissions. Check it out if you want.
Have a nice day :)